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A TRUE native Floridian, Nicki was born in Ft. Lauderdale and grew up Plantation, FL.  She was teacher for 13 years before leaving to get her life coaching certification.  Utilizing those skills, she now is co-owner of a technology recruiting company.  ...

Nicki has lived in Dallas, Atlanta, Pensacola/Navarre Beach- but now St. Pete is home!  She’s also worked with several non-profits and seen them grow into amazing organizations.   With that, she believes SWIM has the potential to be one of the greatest groups in town for the LGBTA community.

Favorite Thing About Tampa/St. Pete: There is always a new restaurant- or bar-or fun event going on in SP!  How lucky to have all these breweries around town and entrepreneurs that are making a huge impact locally for all of us!  Of course having water all around us, as well as our beautiful downtown area and Saturday Market make me so happy to get out and walk and play as much as possible.

Why SWIM: As you can tell I really enjoy working with people that want to make a positive impact in each other’s lives as well as giving back to their community.  I think we are needing an organized LGBTA group that allows women to come together socially and professionally, so we can all grow together and feel support…plus we know how to have fun!!!

On a Perfect Day I’d:  Have cocktails with great friends, as we float in the Gulf of Mexico with music blasting from our boat that is anchored.  Followed by an incredible sunset with Carla and Marlee (4-legged baby) by my side, as we eat fresh seafood and feel so fortunate to all be together in paradise!