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Leisa has been an entrepreneur for most of her adult life. Most of that was spent in Charleston SC in technology, followed by a swimming pool company in Key West, and finally settling in St Pete where she is involved in real estate and a personal concierge business...

Favorite thing about Tampa/St Pete: I love how accepting this area is of all people.  I love that it is such a hip and artsy community and the craft brewery capital of the state. Last but not least, I love the beaches and the fact that I can enjoy their beauty anytime I want.

Why SWIM: The people who began this organization drew me to it originally.  They and other members are the kind of great people I want to call friends. So it has become a great avenue to meet new people. The charitable aspect of the group is also very important to me.

On a Perfect Day I’d: Have coffee with my cat Ina, go for my run on the beach, and then meet friends for some craft beer at a place where some great local band is playing.  I’d be home early for a glass of wine on the patio watching yet another wonderful sunset over the canal.