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Carla Douglass

Founder/Acting President

 Carla served in the military for 23 years and currently works in the federal government as Program Manager and served as an Executive Board member for Veterans First LTD that assisted homeless women veterans.

Hobbies: Some jazz, an easel, some paint and work some artistic magic.

Favorite thing about Tampa/St Pete: The friendly environment, the beaches, beautiful sunrise and sunsets. Along with the cultural artistic environment, with a wide variety of activities.

Why SWIM: There is plenty to do in the Tampa Bay area, the thing I found missing in the area is lack of all-inclusive social activities that would enhance the whole LGBTA community. This brought me to create Social Women in Motion (SWIM) a social group, which creates a holistic or well-rounded approach to bringing community members together through organized exclusive activities, which in turn would generate a stronger bond and simply have fun.

On a perfect day I’d: Traveling and traveling and more traveling, my bucket list include a trip to Greece for an extended stay, enjoying the beautiful views, unplug and just chill.