Behind every successful woman is a group of successful women who have her back


Thanks for joining us on our new adventure!  After hearing from so many saying they wanted “something more”, we decided to take the next step with our social group by transitioning it into an organization focused on improving the lives of LGBTA women in the area.  

I mean, look – we have that social thing perfected – right?  So, since we are already all together, why not build our support of Women-Owned Businesses, help educate and inspire both our Professional and Personal lives and Give Back to those organizations in our community that could use a helping hand?  After all, when we help each other become more successful and we support one another, our community benefits tenfold!

SWIM is the structure that allows us to come together – in an organized manner – to accomplish all of those great things! Yet, don’t worry, we still will do things “our way” – meaning lots of fun, people full of warmth and sometimes even flip-flops!

By the way, this organization is yours.  Your ideas led us to form this new organization.  With our inaugural year, we’ll do some things right and do some things wrong.  But, please know that we will always be striving to help us all be more successful together.   Therefore, I always ask for your participation, your ideas and your support!

Reaching our goals  – together!

– Carla


2017 Plans

Obtain 501c3 non-profit certification to allow for more donations that will enable our larger events and efforts in the community. 

Build online business directory to 100 Women-Owned businesses in local area. Also, provide business exposure through advertising discount offerings to SWIM followers and featured “How-To” article in newsletter or blog to highlight business.

Actively participate in 2017 Pride -both Tampa and St. Pete.  Pop-up Women’s party, parade participation and possibly women-owned booth setup. 

Obtain at least 10 annual sponsors to support ongoing growth while also encouraging event sponsors for all monthly events. 

Have at least:

4 exclusive Pop-Up Parties to be held quarterly

8 Monthly exclusive Events with Speakers/”How-to’s”, After-hour events,  Music/Arts or Women Business Spotlight events. 

1 Chicks-in-Charge Event

Establish strong board and committee representing a local community presence, strong connections and good diverse representation of our followers.  Must have strong desire to impact others by bringing people together.  Board will be responsible for direction, growth and sponsorship.  Target total of active 20 participating.