Heard of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Treatments? Here’s How They Can Help You!

According to Melody Petersen, author of the book Our Daily Meds, “Americans spend more on medicines than do all the people of Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina…COMBINED.” That’s a shocking statistic, isn’t it?  There are alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.  Let me tell you about a new technology that’s just coming into wide use in the U.S. Dr. Rainer Klopp MD Ph.D., founder of the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin, Germany, made

Mortgages Rates – What a Fed Rate Hike Means For You (Get ready to pay more)

The Federal Reserve decision Wednesday, March 15, 2017, to lift its benchmark short-term interest rate by a quarter percentage point is likely to have a domino effect across the economy as it gradually pushes up rates for everything from mortgages and credit card rates to small business loans. Consumers with credit card debt, adjustable-rate mortgages and home equity lines of credit are the most likely to be affected by a rate hike, analysts indicate. It’s the cumulative effect that’s important, especially