Carla Royal Coaching

THE ART OF PERSPECTIVES You are smart and savvy. In so many ways you have it together but you have areas of persistent dissatisfaction. You want to feel more joy and ease, more vibrancy and creativity, but you’ve lost touch with your own innate wisdom and can’t quite find your way to the happiness and fulfillment you know is possible. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your career, business, or health and you are spinning a bit, unable to get traction

SMILE Counseling Services

As a native of FL I chose to serve this community. I’m a clinical psychotherapist & licensed mental health counselor w/ over 16 years’ experience in the Tampa bay Area. My passions include mental and social issues: * Anxiety * Depression * LGBTQ * Relationships * Adolescence *Mood Disorders * Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse. 3831 Tyrone Blvd N Suite 201-ESt. Petersburg, FL 33709 Website

Tranquil Energy

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Animal Reiki practitioner. I have been involved with energy work for 25 years. Reiki is Universal energy that flows through all living things. It works to the highest good in physical, mental and emotional healing. Sarasota, FL Website

Heather D. Eslien, MA, LMHC

I believe that we come into this world whole and remain whole as we travel through our lives. Collectively and individually, however, we suffer trauma as the result of the human condition. We develop brilliant coping mechanisms for survival that, over time, become a hindrance to our continued evolution. I use a holistic treatment approach, that addresses the whole person (mind, body, soul and emotions). I view my work with clients through the lens of social justice. I am especially