I’m a outgoing original thinker who never knew there was a box to think out of.   I pull from life’s events and tend to be the person who looks on the bright side and finds ways of dealing with what ever life gives me.   I have been challenged and sometimes I wonder why life gives me these things to deal with, I just use my art to express my emotional path my work is very very happy, rarely Women Owned Businessdoesn’t not make one smile.   I love to give back and tend to support animals and woman’s rights issues. 

I have such a loyal following for the last 7 years people come back time and time again, the average collector has 5 paintings.  I strive to keep em coming back.  Networking with other artist are what  I want to explore working in heavy metals is my next project I want to weld garden sculptures, with moving parts and dancing tea cups, ah to be in my head for five min!!!  Looking for pillars, columns and architectural parts, I want to convert these columns into lamps for in the home, the vision has been haunting me so its just a matter of time before I start to put these together.   So if you have parts and pieces please feel free to contact me.


Categories: Artist

St. Petersburg, FL 


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