After Election Thoughts

//After Election Thoughts

Just thought I’d reach out to everyone today after a LONG election cycle just ended. Some people are feeling good today and some are feeling bad. I’m not here to talk politics, but I did want to address that no matter what you are feeling today, from a woman perspective – we’ve got work to do!

With last night’s results, we now have a record number of women in the Senate at 20. However, that is only 20% of the total 100 serving there. In the house – we are also at 20%. That is way too low from the 50% of women in the US Population. In 2016 – this is just not acceptable! And unfortunately, government isn’t the only place we see this.

I say this because this is the key thing that SWIM (in our new re-launch) is about – EMPOWERING WOMEN. While we started as a social group, we are taking the next step to build a platform to nurture stronger Women-Owned Businesses, Support/Educate/Inspire us all in our Personal and Professional lives and use our synergy to have greater impact on Charity organizations in our community. Are we still going to be social and have tons of fun doing this – absolutely!!! But just wanted you to know that SWIM is committed to putting more women in public office (at all levels), helping women-owned businesses to grow to new heights, getting more women involved at executive levels and building stronger women.

We’ll have more information out tomorrow and of course celebrating our kickoff on Sunday (got your tickets yet for the Rooftop Party?). But this was just something weighing on my mind today and wanted to share it with all Swimmers!!

So – let’s get ready do this…together!!!